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Moulds for the Casting of the Jewlery

  • Era/Century: Middle Ages
  • Site: Vinča, Bolečica River
  • Dating: first half of the 7th century
  • Material: stone
  • Technique: incising
  • Dimensions: length: 6.5 and 9 cm; width: 3.5 and 6.4 cm
  • ID Number: AS 2369-2371
  • Property: Belgrade City Museum
  • On Display: No

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This matrix served for the casting of bands with crisscross decoration for rings, of elliptic and round ringlets for chains, and of rhomboid plates which could be used, among other things, as parts of necklaces. The other mould was used for the casting of globular pendants for earrings. Dressed stones for the making of other moulds were discovered together with these finds among the sherds of Slav vessels and tiny pieces of dross on the floor in front of a stone kiln in a sunken longhouse. These finds provide the earliest reliable evidence of Slav gold- workers and their workshops for the casting of metal jewelry.


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