Queen Natalija Obrenović's Parlour

Queen Natalija Obrenović's Parlour

  • Date: c. 1875-1880
  • Inventory number: UPE 53-68

Queen Natalija Obrenović was a well-educated woman with refined tastes. After marrying into the Serbian royal family, she brought with her period furniture, china, glassware, silver cutlery and other applied arts items originating from famous European workshops. The Louis XV suite is one of the preserved salon suites in which the Queen often used to hold women's circle meetings. It comprises a glass cabinet, two consoles, two mirrors, a chaiselongue, a partition, a coffee table, a writing desk, two chairs, a chest of drawers, a table, and two cabinets: a corner cabinet and an ornamental wall console. The glass cabinet contains painted floral ornaments on its woodwork, while the studs are made of silver. The front, wider side of the consoles holding mirrors contains scenes with Cupids. The writing desk and the baroque vignettes above the big wall mirrors have painted pastoral scenes.

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