Coffee Set for One Person

Coffee Set for One Person

  • Date: 1877
  • Material: silver, ivory
  • Technique: embossed
  • Inventory number: UPE 124-129

The coffee set was the birthday present to crown prince Alexander M. Obrenović from the Belgrade Women's Society. The tray had the following inscription engraved: "Наследнику престола српског Александру М. Обреновићу срећан дан рођења 2. августа – дар од Женског друштва 1877. у Београду" ( To the Heir Apparent to the Serbian Throne, Alexander M. Obrenović, wishing him many happy returns of this 2nd day of August, from the Women's Society, Belgrade 1877). The set consists of a coffeepot, a pitcher, a sugar bowl, a teaspoon, a tray and a demitasse. The inscription is engraved around the Serbian State's coat of arms. Each piece of the set is ornamented in the style of the Morava art school and initialled AMO with the crown above. The set has been preserved in its original leather case lined with blue velvet.

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