Urban Costume

Urban Costume

  • Date: mid-19th century
  • Material: Silk, golden thread; satin-silk; velvet; embroidery in gold
  • Technique: sewing
  • Inventory number: UPE 416, 557, 703, 767

The way of life and clothing of Belgrade women in the first half of the 19th century are characterised by the influence of the Orient and by a real conglomerate of the population in Belgrade. According to writings of many contemporaries, works of painters, and particularly portraits, as well as on preserved articles of clothes, women in Belgrade less and less wore anterija (embroidered wide sleeved jackets), dimije (loose Muslim women's pantaloons) and džubes (sleeveless or short-sleeved overcoats ), while fistan, a long dress cut at the waist and fitting the torso tight became an integral part of clothing. Libade (a silk or velvet short jacket with very wide sleeves), under which a scarf crossed across the chest is worn, ousted jelek (embroidered vest), and a long so-called bajader belt also became an irreplaceable piece of costume of Belgrade women. Silk and cotton materials, lace, embroidery interwoven with gold, knit buttons, and multicoloured silk thread were used for the making of women's town costumes.

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