Drinking and Dessert Set

Drinking and Dessert Set

  • Date: second half of 19th century
  • Material: glass
  • Technique: casting
  • Inventory number: UPE 143, 146, 168, 679-680, 901-902

The European glass making of the latter part of the 19th century tended to repeat the forms characteristic of the previous periods. That was the reason why one and the same item contained elements of various styles, thus considerably diminishing its artistic value. In order to avoid this, some artists paid much attention to the artistic quality of glass working. One such artist was a painter and entrepreneur from Vienna, Ludwig Lobmeyer, who owned glassworks in Steischoenau. He invented a new technique and shapes, especially as regards crystal cut, engraved and painted glass. The pieces of the drinking and dessert glassware commissioned for the Obrenović royal house were made in this workshop. They were made of unpainted, thinly cast glass adorned with the Serbian white-blue-and-red enamel coat of arms with ribbon and the motto of the Obrenović dynasty Tempus et meum ius. Some of the pieces of this service were safekept in the Ranosović, Djordjević and Savić families in Belgrade.

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