Princess Ljubica's Glass

Princess Ljubica's Glass

  • Date: first half of the 19th century
  • Material: crystal, enamel
  • Technique: gilded surface, cut
  • Dimensions: h: 13 cm; r: 5,8 cm
  • Inventory number: UPE 279

The glass is one of the oldest belonging to the rich collection of foreign made glasses, commissioned for Princess Ljubica Obrenović and probably presented to her as a gift on a special occasion. It is of Russian make, with inscriptions in Russian in three gilded medallions. In one of them is the Serbian coat of arms and above it the inscription Србија (Serbia).. The second one has an angel carrying a wreath in his hand inside of which there is the inscription Госпођа кнегиња Љубица Обреновића (Madame Princess Ljubica Obrenović), while the third medallion has a two-headed eagle and the text: Царство од Немање установљено (Empire established by Nemanja). The glass has been preserved in the Veličković family from Belgrade.

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