• Site: Belgrade Fortress, Stari grad, Dorćol
  • Period: Great Migration and Middle Ages
  • Date: 14th-15th centuries
  • Material: baked clay
  • Technique: potter's wheel, glazing
  • Dimensions: h: 7,8-15 cm; R of the rim: 15,5-25,8 cm
  • Inventory number: AS 1159, 1209, 2442, АТ 344, 1888

The ware made in medieval workshops in Belgrade was based on the Slav heritage. The influence of Byzantine craftsmen became more conspicuous from the 12th century on, and the specific Serbian features appear in the tableware from the time of King Dragutin and the turn of the 14th century. From that time on the work of Belgrade potters is distinguished by distinct forms of bowls, which retained their specific features until the fall of the town into the Turkish hands.

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