• Site: Jakovo, Kormadin
  • Period: Prehistory
  • Date: 5th millenium BC
  • Culture: Vinča
  • Material: baked clay
  • Dimensions: h: 13,5 cm
  • Inventory number: AP 7778

This seated figurine from Jakovo, in excellent state of preservation, is exceptionally finely fashioned. It represents a woman seated on a throne in the form of a small bench. The woman has the stylized "bird face" with a prominent a beak-shaped nose, which is a characteristic feature of the later stages of the Vinča culture. The change of style is also reflected in the loss of three-dimensionality, which was a feature of the earlier period. Now the figurines assume a flat, two-dimensional form. Their volume is evoked instead by various pictural methods. The enthroned figurine does not represent a deity with human qualities, but a figure which symbolizes by its posture the central role of the female deity in the fertility cult and her boundless power to punish or reward. The figurine is also an inspired artistic work of exceptional cultural and historical value.

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