• Site: Zemun, Šljunkara
  • Period: Prehistory
  • Date: c. 2000-1900 BC
  • Culture: Vinkovci
  • Material: gold sheet
  • Technique: repoussé
  • Dimensions: length 57.8 cm, width 1.4 cm, weight 39.95 gr
  • Inventory number: AP 9128

This exceptional gold find from the early phase of the Vinkovci culture was discovered in the grave of a woman. Such objects are rather rare in the period of transition from the Eneolithic to the Bronze Age. Three similar examples, made from copper and bronze, have been found in the territory of Panonia. The luxurious diadem, decorated by punctuation along the edges, held the veil on the head of a rich and distinguished woman who belonged to the tribal aristocracy of the early Bronze Age. Its elegance and grace testify to the master's skill in the working of gold.

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