Cross for Royalty

Cross for Royalty

  • Period: Turkish - Austrian
  • Date: 1859
  • Material: gold sheet
  • Technique: casting
  • Dimensions: h: 55 mm, weight: 45 mm
  • Inventory number: N 2887

The Svetoandrejska skupština (St. Andrew's Assembly) session was held in Belgrade from 11 December 1858 to 31 January 1859. At the session a changeover of the dynasties in the Principality of Serbia took place. The assembly brought back the aged prince Miloš Obrenović to the Serbian throne. Following the example of European countries, Miloš ordered the Council to earmark resources for issuing two kinds of commemorative medals, marking this important event for him, his dynasty and Serbia. Those medals were to be presented to all the deputies who attended the session of the Assembly, as a sign of gratitude.

Anastas Jovanović modelled the first one, circular in shape, made of silver. On the face of the medal is the bust of prince Miloš with his name inscribed. On the reverse stands the inscription in five lines: SVETO/ANDREJSKA SKUPŠTINA/ 1858/ ZA PRIVRŽENOST (for loyalty). It was presented to all civilian deputies to the Assembly, 378 0f them, according to one source. For 58 clerical deputies to the Assembly, Miloš ordered golden crosses with the inscription: M. O. I. SV. ANDR. SKUPŠTINA / 1858, on one side, and ZA / PRIVRŽENOSTЬ / X, on the other. The specimen of the first gold decoration of renewed Serbia shown in the picture is for now, as far as it is known, the only one that has been preserved. The said 58 decorations were awarded and presented to the participants - deputies to the Assembly in Kragujevac in 1859 during the session of People's Assembly, held on Nativity, from 10 to 24 September.

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