Medal Commemorating the Capture of Belgrade

Medal Commemorating the Capture of Belgrade

  • Site: Unknown
  • Period: Turkish - Austrian
  • Date: 1688
  • Material: silver
  • Dimensions: R: 5,8 cm
  • Inventory number: N 254

The urban core of Belgrade has remained in the same area to the present day, south of the Kalemegdan ridge, where a military base and fortifications of several successive states were located for centuries. Only the name of the town changed. Apart from the Roman and Byzantine name Singidunum and the Slav name Beli Grad, we find three more names on this medal issued on the occasion of the first Austrian capture of the town in 1688: NANDOR ALBA, ALBA GRAECA and BELGRADO. On the front side is Emperor Leopold's bust facing right; ten coats of arms, framed with olive and palm branches, form a full circle round the bust. On the reverse side is the personification of Hungary in the form of a woman who pays homage to Josef I, who sits on a throne six steps high. The steps bear the inscription (from the bottom up): 1683 VIENNA LIBERATA / 1684 VICTORIA PROSECVTA / 1685 LSTKRIGKLONIVM CAPTVM / 1686 BVDA RECVPERATA / 1687 OSSEK EXPVGNATUM / 1688 NANDOR ALBA SVPERATA / D.XVI.SEPT.A.MDCLXXXIIX / GRATVLATVR / S.P.Q.A.

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