Süley­man I

Süley­man I

  • Site: Unknown
  • Period: Turkish - Austrian
  • Date: Süley­man I (1520–1566)
  • Material: gold
  • Technique: minting
  • Dimensions: weight: 3.45 g, R: 19 mm
  • Inventory number: N 10410

Soon after the conquest in 1521, Belgrade assumed Turkish features and became an important military and trading centre. A Turkish mint, set up in 1562, operated almost interruptedly until 1687. In addition to silver akçes, the Belgrade mint struck gold coins in the name of Süley­man I (1520–1566) for a brief four-year period, between 1562 and 1566. They are very rare. One of the six specimens known in the world is shown here. The translation of its Arabic legend reads: Sultan Süleyman son of Selim Han, may his victory be bright, minted at Belgrade in 926 (year of the Hijra era). The sultan's name and the name of his father, the desire that his victory be bright, as well as the place and date of issue are written in the Arabic script on all Turkish coins.

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