Solidus of Emperor Iustinianus I

Solidus of Emperor Iustinianus I

  • Site: Belgrade and surrounding area
  • Радионица: mint of Constantinople
  • Period: Antiquity
  • Date: 545 - 565 AD
  • Material: gold
  • Technique: minting
  • Dimensions: R: 2,1 cm, weight: 4.38 gr
  • Inventory number: N 2440

Gold coins, solidi, are fairly frequent finds in the territory of Belgrade and its surroundings. On the obverse of this gold coin of Emperor Iustinianus (527-565) is the emperor's bust in frontal position, with the inscription round it: D N IVSTIN-ANVS P P AVG. On the reverse is the representation of a figure holding a cross on a long handle in the right hand and a globe with the cross in the left hand. Below it is a star. The inscription round the figure is: VICTORI-A AVCCCS. At the bottom is the sign of the mint CONOB (Constantinople).

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