Multiple of Emperor Constantine I

Multiple of Emperor Constantine I

  • Site: Ušće near Obrenovac
  • Радионица: mint of Siscia
  • Period: Antiquity
  • Date: 317 AD
  • Material: gold
  • Technique: minting
  • Dimensions: R: 2.3cm, weight: 6.75 gr
  • Inventory number: N 2435

Roman gold coins have been found at several places in the territory of Belgrade. One hoard was discovered at the end of the 19th century in the area of the Federal Assembly Building. It contained gold coins of the emperors who reigned in the 1st and 2nd centuries. The gold coin of Constantine I (306-337 A.D.) is a multiple of one and a half solidi, discovered with a few others in the village of Ušće near Obrenovac. The obverse shows the Emperor's head, crowned and facing right. The inscription round it reads IMP CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG. On the reverse is Sol, the sun deity, turned slightly to the right, with the right hand raised, and holding a globe and a whip in his left hand. A captive crouches at his feet. The inscription is SOLI I NVI-CTO COMITI. In the lower section is the sign of the mint: SIS (Siscia).

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