Tetradrachmum of Athena

Tetradrachmum of Athena

  • Site: Zemun, Ugrinovačka Street
  • Period: Antiquity
  • Date: 393 - 300 BC
  • Culture: Ancient Greece
  • Material: silver
  • Technique: casting
  • Dimensions: R 0.9cm, weight 16.87 gr
  • Inventory number: N 7138

The earliest coin found in the territory of the town is a tetradrachmum of Athens, issued from 393 B.C. until the end of the 4th century. It belongs to the coins minted in the old style. The obverse shows the head of Goddess Athena with a classical helmet, in right profile. Behind the head are the crescent and an olive branch, and before it are the letters AQE. The find is closely associated with the early presence of the Celts, i.e., Scordisci, in the area between the Sava and the Danube and with their contacts with the Hellenic world in the south.

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