Figurine - Idol

Figurine - Idol

  • Site: Vinča
  • Period: Prehistory, Eneolithic
  • Date: early 3rd millennium BC
  • Culture: Baden
  • Material: baked clay
  • Dimensions: h: 14,8 cm
  • Inventory number: TI 80

Four figurines belonging to the Baden culture were discovered during the excavations at Vinča. One of them, preserved almost in its entirety, represents a very stylized idol decorated with incisions over the whole surface and with prominent sexual attributes. It is one of the few cult objects from that period found in the Serbian Danubian region. Anthropomorphic figurines are rather rare in the Baden culture, possibly because the dominant role of stock-breeding in the Eneolithic diminished the interest in the representation of the farming attributes of fertility. The manner of its modelling and the quality of its workmanship make this figurine an outstanding example of the sculpture of the Baden culture. A comparison of the decoration of Vinča idols with those of similar finds from Hungary helps us to determine their chronological relationship, which is of key importance for the dating of the Baden culture in the territory of Belgrade.

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