• Site: Belgrade and surrounding area
  • Period: Antiquity
  • Date: end of the 2nd and middle of the 3rd centuries
  • Material: marble
  • Technique: sculpting, polishing
  • Dimensions: h: 72 and 132 cm
  • Inventory number: АA 5, 1346

The Romans inherited the art of making statues and portraits from Greek culture and the tradition of Hellenistic art. Statues were erected to deities, eminent persons, founders and patrons of towns. Sculpture can give us an additional insight into the development, wealth and spiritual values of a town. They are important sources for the study of the male civilian and military costume, of female dress, footwear, fashionable accessories, coiffure and jewelry. From the time of Pericles to Constantine I clothing is draped, free and flowing. There is not much difference between male and female garments.

This female figure, which was found at the corner of Prote Mateje Street and King Alexander's Boulevard and of which only the torso has been preserved, wears a chiton (tunica manicata). The chiton is gathered below the breasts with a double belt with Heracles' knot in the middle. Over it is a cloak, fastened to the lower garment by a fibula. Since the back of the statue is carefully finished, it is probable that it stood in the niche of a building or in a cemetery. It is difficult to establish whether the torso represents one of the goddesses of the Roman Pantheon or a portrait, but the sculpture is undoubtedly of high artistic worth. It dates from the 2nd century, from the Antoninian times, and it was made in one of the neighbouring provinces or brought from Italy.

The male figure, found in the village of Begaljica, was made in a local workshop in the second half of the 3rd century. Slightly bent forward, it is dressed into a thin garment (stola) wrapped with a cloak (palla). The scroll of parchment in the left hand indicates that the statue represents a male. It probably shows a deserving citizen, a learned person, writer, philosopher, orator, teacher, or an important town official.

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