• Era/Century: Antique
  • Dating: 4th century AD
  • Dimensions: 31 х 23 мм
  • Weight: 3,61 g
  • ID Number: АА 3242
  • Property: Belgrade City Museum
  • On Display: No

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Unusually shaped, well-preserved carnelian ring was found in 1973 archaeological excavations, near Art Pavilion ‘Cvijeta Zuzorić’, in Kalemegdan Park.

The Romans believed that carnelian brings courage to its owner and that it can heal wounds caused by weapons. Further, the classical writer and philosopher Theophrastus* states that dark red carnelian was associated with men, and the one of orange colour with women.

* Theophrastus, ancient Greek philosopher and mineralogist, lived in the 4th century BC.

Published in Antiquity


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