Bronze ring with an engraved gem

  • Era/Century: Antique
  • Dating: 3rd century AD
  • Material: bronze, glass
  • Technique: casting, engraving
  • Dimensions: width of the ring ‘head’ 11 mm
  • Weight: 2,37 gr
  • ID Number: АА 1955
  • Property: Belgrade City Museum
  • On Display: No

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Bronze ring with an engraved gem; the carved representation symbolises the Apotheosis of Achilles. 3rd century AD.

The rabbit held by the stretched-out arm of the young man indicates that the gem engraving depicts young Achilles, the cult of whom was widespread in the Danubian region. The short earthly life of Achilles was filled with brave deeds resulting from virtues that he developed and maintained through intense practice and learning. These are obviously sensible ideals of life that a noble man at the peak of age should pursue.

Published in Antiquity


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