Author: Nikola Kusovac

312 pages

234 x 28 cm


Belgrade 2010
3000,00 дин

Paja Jovanović


The first monograph on Paja Jovanović, one of the most prominent Serbian painters, was published on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth. The author of the monograph, art historian Nikola Kusovac, gave a comprehensive overview of the artist’s life and work on 312 pages. As a long-standing researcher of Paja Jovanović, Kusovac gave an account of lesser-known episodes from the painter’s private and public life. Tracing Jovanović’s life from his birth, his modest beginnings and his rise until he became the youngest Serbian academician and a painter of world renown, Kusovac offered readers a unique depiction of the artist’s personality. The monograph covers both the growing up and the formation of a provincial lad and the professional development and success of a bourgeois society painter. Owing to supreme printing quality, this book, illustrated with more than 160 reproductions of Jovanović’s works, photographs, private documents and correspondence, offers much more than the existing analyses of the artist’s opus. Some of his works held by museums, galleries or private collections in Serbia and abroad are for the first time published in this book.